Pressure vessels, prefabricated piping, reactors, heat exchangers, columns and process modules. - To be the most trusted partner and best supplier of Customers.

Turbine auxiliary equipment & structures including steel components for steam and gas turbines, intake & exhaust system for gas turbines, WHRU, etc. - Excellent sustainable EHS performance.

As a Tier-One supplier to several multi-national Corporation and Engineering Company, we are committed to continuous improvement of quality and deep understanding of different standards. - Quality is our Reason for Existence.

Whiting Related Business


  Swenson Technology


Swenson Technology is a global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for separation. We specialize in designing and installing innovative systems to convert liquid solutions into dry solids using evaporation, crystallization and drying. Thousands of evaporators, crystallizer, dryers and other process equipment have been installed around the world and bear the Swenson name.


Website                     Http://
Headquarters           Monee, IL
Year founded            1869
Company type          Privately Held
Company size:         11-50 employees
Specialties                Chemical Process Equipment



  Whiting Corporation


Whiting Corporation, located near Chicago, Illinois, is a major manufacturer of railcar maintenance equipment. Whiting is a trusted name for railcar maintenance and lifting equipment for the freight and commuter railroad industries, municipal transit authorities, railcar builders and independent maintenance shops. Whiting is ISO-9001:2015 certified and a proud U.S. manufacturer.


Whiting Services, with offices across North America, also provides complete inspection, maintenance and repair work.With decades of experience in providing safe, cost effective and proven solutions to a diverse base of customers, WSI keeps your equipment operating safely and at peak efficiency with our rail maintenance Rail Health Inspection Program (RHIP).



Website                      Http://

Headquarters             Monee, IL

Year Founded            1884

Company Type           Privately Held

Size                             51-200 employees

Specialties                 Railcar Maintenance Equipment, Rail Services, others


   Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.


Whiting Equipment Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Whiting Corporation, is a diversified designer and manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment with 134 years of continuous improvement. 


Whiting is an acknowledged leader in the specialized fields of chemical processing, metallurgical, railway/transit vehicle lifting equipment including Trackmobile railcar movers, materials handling equipment, services and custom fabrication. 


Whiting and its subsidiaries have design and manufacturing operations in 11 locations in North America and China, and actively export to six continents and Oceania.


Website                  Http://

Headquarters         Welland, ON

Year Founded        1884

Company Type       Privately Held

Size                         51-200 employees

Specialties             Chemical Processing, Metallurgical, Railway/Transit Maintenance, Metal Fabrication, Trackmobile, Materials Handling,

                                Equipment Services


   Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd.:


Handling Specialty is one of the world’s most pre-eminent custom designers and manufacturers of material handling solutions since 1963. As one of a competent problem-solver, it has a long history of providing unique, custom-engineered solutions.


This ability to solve problems has allowed Handling Specialty to achieve success in many sectors including automotive, aerospace, entertainment, transportation and metal processing industries.


Website                    Http://

Headquarters           Grimsby, Ontario

Year founded           1963

Company type         Privately Held

Company size          51-200 employees

Specialties               Material handling, conceptual engineering, project management, industrial automation, manufacturing, lifting, rotating,

                                  motion control, custom handling equipment, aerospace test cell equipment, assembly line equipment, four post lifts,

                                  and automatic guided vehicles

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