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Job Opportunity

Chemical Process Engineer


Job Description
·    Responsible for developing chemical equipment and improving old products’ quality.
·    Setting the process condition, optimizing the production process and creating corresponding files.
·    Responsible for controlling chemical equipment in production and analyzing exceptional technical problems
·    Responsible for introducing and supervising the application of new techniques to the new products
·    Responsible for improving process techniques and introducing the new technology.
·    Responsible for training and guiding the relevant staffs in the workshop.


Job Requirement:
·    Bachelor or above. Chemistry, chemical engineering machinery, macromolecule is preferred
·    2 years or above in chemical production or with technological working experience, especially with chemical technology management

·    Familiar with operation of laboratory equipment, better understand and operate chemical facilities and vessels, with solid theory and

     abundant experimental experience are given priority to consider.
·    Effectively using AUTO CAD drawing software with strong communication and analytical, creative, experimental designing abilities.
·    Strong initiative and dedication to work, hard-working spirit.
·    This staff will be sent to North America to train for 1-2 year if selected.

Planner and Production Capacity Arranger


Job description:
·    Drawing up production plan: Responsible for formulating and arranging working schedule for main products and other accessories

     regarding to monthly, seasonal, yearly plan and other requirement from the company.
·    Preparing production: inspect, guide, coordinate all relevant depts. to make preparation for production; understand the periodical gap

     between actual production and raw material supply , arrange facilities and staff wisely; Supervise raw material, equipment, energy supply

     and transportation condition in the factory to raise the flexibility of on-site production, to minimize the side effect on the actual production

     arising from accidents.
·    Controlling the production process: check ratio of raw material, semi-products to the finished products; find out problems and solve them

     immediately with proper solutions.
·    Analyzing production data: Investigated data related to the daily and night shift or monthly on-line plan, other production data. (Such as

     record the reasons lead to labor hours cut, machine damage, production capacity fluctuation)
·    Daily management on the production : Examine and solve irregular problems on duty;Feedback to the sales and marketing depts. about

     the production status; responsible for delivering messages from the higher lever to the lower lever, reporting to the higher lever about the

     situation in the workshop


·    Bachelor degree, major of science and engineer, familiar with Office, AUTOCAD, PROJECT software etc;
·    Loyal and dedicate to the company with hard-working spirit.

Painting Engineer


Job description
·    Drafting, checking、revising the process file and involve in process design.
·    Involving in painting technology improvement
·    Participating in process inspection and work absence check
·    Organizing, designing, implementing the new products painting
·    Responsible for stipulating painting and work hour consumption quota.


·    Bachelor degree, chemical engineering or related major
·    High level of English listening, speaking, reading, writing.
·    With NACE 2nd level certificate.
·    Familiar with metal structure painting technology
·    Familiar with frequent-used paints function and construction technology
·    With 3-year industry related working experience.
·    Good communication skills and team-work spirit.

Welding Engineer


Job description
·    Responsible for evaluating new products welding process, drawing up PQR and WPS
·    Working in the factory and familiarize the welding quality; Direct, inspect welding process and solve technological problems arising, give

     technological support to the whole process.
·    Ensuring that the process agrees with drawing, standards and actual welding requirement. Discover and solve problems with proper

·    Appling special welding material in the experimenting the new model.
·    Responsible for training, examining the welder to help them get the qualified certificates
·    Drafting and implementing the welding technology rules, regulation, standards.
·    Assisting customers’ inspection work


·    Male, bachelor degree, welding or related major
·    One year in machinery or related industry, hard-working quality, strong initiative.
·    Effectively use CAD drawing with English and computer knowledge.

Pressure Vessel Designing Auditors


Job description
·    Auditors must pass the examination after the required training, and get the pressure vessel design and approving staff qualification with

     corresponding level
·    Involving in pressure vessel initiate design, mainly technological problem discussion.
·    Assisting designer and examining staff in solving problems and immediately check the design to avoid reworking 
·    In charge of checking the design that whether the design draft corresponds with designing task. and reality, whether it is technological

     advanced, economy reasonable, safety trustable.
·    In charge of checking material for facilities structure to ensure raw material is correct, basic date and formula, calculating result is also

·    Properly handling the opinions between the designer and auditors
·    Taking the main responsibility of the correctness of technological problem and design
·    Fully involving in grade estimation and record the design quality, write comments to design work complying to the rules.


·    with qualified D1/D2 pressure vessel certificate
·    Junior engineer
·    More than 6-year working experience, those who can provide related working proof are preferred.