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Prefabrication of  Piping Spool

Industrial construction includes a wide range of projects, such as petroleum refineries and chemical and power plants, etc. This type of construction involves intensive piping, which connects a variety of equipment and conveys process fluid and gas. Due to compressed schedule and limited space on site, industrial construction projects rely heavily on the offsite fabrication and assembly. As such, piping work is divided into two stages: Pre-Fabrication of Pipe Spools and site installation. Timely supply of pipe spools to module yard and installation site is the key to the success of whole project.


Namag have a proven capability to offer prefabricated piping spools upon the design drawings and requirements, including pipe, fittings and flanges and prefabricate them into "spools" suitable for field assembly. Beginning with the creation of spool sketches from customer-provided drawings, the many stages of piping fabrication are efficiently managed to provide clearly identified pipe spools, properly protected for damage-free shipping.


Parts are constructed into "assemblies" and "sub-assemblies" before they are required, enabling them to be installed upon demand instead of fabricating on site, reducing the field labor, material handling and installation time. This approach not only reduces the field labor but aids in the safety of any project as craft workers are exposed less to the more adverse working environment of a construction site, improving safety performance.


Namag has more than 15 years of experience in fabricating process piping to different projects, and offer top quality pipe spooling fabrication service with:


·    Experienced team of management and project personnel

·    In house pipe spool drawings using client-supplied internal pipe axis diagram

·    Purchasing for all grades of pipe, fittings and valves

·    Solid and rich welding experience and capabilities

·    In-house surface treatment

·    Independent 3rd party inspection

·    Experience working to international standards and exacting client requirements


We are authorized to do ASME code work and CE products as per PED 2014/68/EU, a measure of our commitment to the highest quality standards. Our welders can perform all work associated with these certifications; ASME certification means Namag is authorized to manufacture/install, perform quality control work and do testing and repairs on pressure vessels and piping. Our quality control program assures that all work is tested in accordance with the rigid requirements established by ASME and PED 2014/68/EU, Module H.


Skilled, experienced craftsmen perform all phases of prefabrication, from design sketches through the final assembly of prefabricated units. Our project coordinators and experienced drafting staff determine a combination of fitting type and field weld placement to reduce field welding, thus shortening installation time as well as reducing overall cost. 


Our craftsmen are experienced in the use of all types of piping materials, including carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex or duper duplex stainless steel, various steel alloys, aluminum, copper, etc. These piping systems are used to convey steam, condensate, deionized water, chemicals, gases and industrial wastes.





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