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Process Modules & Skid Fabrication

As the demand for skilled craftsmen continues to increase, more owners are looking for options to reduce the scope of work on their project sites. Generally, skids, modules and their components can be manufactured in off-site facilities rather than at the plant construction site, including steel structure, vessels, dryers, filters, separators, heaters, separators, piping, valves, instrumentation and electrical parts. The modular structure and the complete combination device can shorten the project lead time and site costs, thereby reducing the cost of the whole project. At present, the concept of skid mounted modular design has become a solution to this challenge.


Benefits of modular fabrication include:


·    Cost Reductions

·    Higher productivity in controlled environment.

·    Horizontal assembly reduces work hours.

·    Shop rates are lower than field rates.

·    Shorter schedule means early production and profits for owner.

·    Reduced need for infrastructure and personnel support.

·    Reduced risk of craft labor shortages.


NAMAG offers custom integrated process skid fabrication to create mechanical and electrical skid mounted process systems that are pre-wired and mounted on a common base to meet customer’s specific design and process requirements. Our capabilities include:


·    ASME B31.1 & B3l.3 Power/Process Piping

·    Pipe and Pipe Support Fabrication

·    Pressure Vessels

·    Heat Exchanger

·    Filters

·    Structural Fabrication

·    Purchasing and installation, including valves, instrumentation and electrical parts

·    Industrial Insulation

·    Equipment Installation

·    Other auxiliary equipment and parts


We built under controlled conditions in a fabrication facility; systems are mounted on structural steel bases designed for easy and safe transport to the end-user's facility. With so many global project experiences in local specific requirements, our clients rely on our expertise to provide the service, including design, technical specification, fabrication, schedules, quality assurance, and commissioning, etc.


Namag have the experience and serves the following industries:


·    Petrochemical

·    Chemical

·    Refining

·    Oil & Gas

·    Energy

·    Power Generation

·    Air Separation

·    Water treatment

·    Environment


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