Pressure vessels, prefabricated piping, reactors, heat exchangers, columns and process modules. - To be the most trusted partner and best supplier of Customers.

Turbine auxiliary equipment & structures including steel components for steam and gas turbines, intake & exhaust system for gas turbines, WHRU, etc. - Excellent sustainable EHS performance.

As a Tier-One supplier to several multi-national Corporation and Engineering Company, we are committed to continuous improvement of quality and deep understanding of different standards. - Quality is our Reason for Existence.


Project Management

As one of the leading makers of Pressure Equipment (Pressure vessel, prefabricated piping & piping spool, reactors & heat exchanger, columns, etc.) & Gas Turbine Auxiliary Equipment in China, we have received many Orders from not only China major EPC Customers/Owners but many customers in Worldwide. In the past 20 years, we are committed to ensuring all projects are completed on schedule and with a delivered product ready for commercial operation.


Project management is an empowered function at NAMAG, and vital to the success of any project. Our team understands the critical importance of our clients’ project being delivered on-time and on-budget. From customer interfaces, establishing project milestones to safeguarding the goals, objectives and expectations are met or exceeded, our project management services can help you coordinate and manage your project.


Customized & Flexible Project Management


NAMAG is committed to developing and delivering high-quality products and services that meet and exceed customers’ expectations throughout every project phase. We have distinguished ourselves in the equipment manufacturing with our ability to design, develop, and implement custom projects in a cost-effective, reliable, and standards-compliant manner. 


In order to ensure success in the implementation of each project, we follow a proved project management process that provides deliverables and procedures specifically created for customer’s project. All requested projects are both created and supported by a knowledgeable team with decades of experience developing custom solutions for global customers of all sizes.


After PO placement and confirmation, we will create the project management team for project execution. All projects from start to finish are supervised jointly by our Quality Control Team and Project Management Teams. From the design phase, contract requirement review, purchasing, material handling, to production qualification testing and delivery, the teams work closely to ensure conformance to contract requirements through the project process optimization. We stay in constant communication with the customer throughout design and manufacturing process, including the production resources coordination, quality issues handling, project schedule, etc.


Managing Every Facet of Your Manufacturing Project


NAMAG’s team of experienced project managers are highly skilled in the engineering, planning, organizing and managing resources. Whether it is safety, quality, material traceability, production, or delivery time – our mission is to precisely manage every facet of every project at the highest levels our clients have come to expect.


Whether we are contracted to provide a built-to-print or a design-and-build weldment, machined component, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, columns or module, etc., our client will have a Project Manager or Account Manager assigned to follow it through from purchase order receipt to shipment.


In this project management team, we also have the project engineer leader and project quality engineer leader to participate in the project execution & management; No matter what problems you encounter in the project execution, the problem will be solved in a short time if you contact one of them.


Trusted project management for super projects


As a trusted supplier of project management experience, we ensure the success of a diverse range of projects across all industries. To ensure the success of your project and minimize your risk, we provide you with an extensive expertise, wherever you need it. 


As a result, we can help you coordinate and manage every step of your project from review, risk assessment, procurement, fabrication and inspection right through the whole stages. Plus, our specialized teams of engineers and technicians offer you independent expertise, opinions and advice, and help you comply with regulatory and quality standards.


Especially for some super-large projects, we will also provide pre-contract risk assessment, covering all aspects of project implementation. If you want to discuss your project with us and hear our suggestions on how to help you reduce your risk, assure quality and ensure completion on time and on budget, please contact us immediately.

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