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Reactor & Heat Exchanger

From simple oil coolers to complex shell & tube heat exchangers, Namag can design and manufacture reactors and heat exchangers related to almost all industrial application, such as chemical plants, petroleum refineries, gas processing, air separation plants and power plants, etc.


We have extensive experience in mechanical design & fabrication, retubing & repair of Heat Exchangers (Shell and Tube Bundle), U-Tube Bending, Machining and Drilling of Tubes Sheets and Baffle Plates, Welding Works and with pipes and flanges, etc. Our repair work meets the requirements of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and is marked with the NBBI "R" stamp.


With the in-house capability and experience for pressure vessel & heat exchanger design and analysis, all our fabricated heat exchangers completely conform to ASME codes and TEMA standards, and we also work to the unique customer specifications when requested and local mandatory requirements, such as GOST Certificate (CU-TR) for Russia market, CRN Registration for Canadian market, MOM Certification for Singapore market and AS Registration for Australian market, etc.


Theses heat exchangers are generally fabricated in superior quality materials, including carbon steel, low alloy Steel (Cr-Mo), austenitic stainless steel, clad steel, duplex or duper duplex stainless steel, alloy steel, etc., which is operating in moderately low, medium, high pressure and temperature range to suit a wide variety of process requirements.




Reactor is a kind of equipment to realize reaction process, which is widely used in chemical industry, oil refining, metallurgy and other fields. The reactor is used to realize the single-phase reaction of liquid phase and the multi-phase reaction process of liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, liquid-solid and gas-liquid-solid.


NAMAG designs and fabricates many different types of reactors for use across the spectrum of chemical process applications, which is in accordance with all major international design standards and pressure vessel codes. 


Designs and accessories to the reactors include standard jacket, half pipe jacket, baffles, injector, agitator, spray type, finned tubes, etc.


Shell & tube heat exchanger


Shell and tube heat exchangers are one of the most common types of heat exchangers used throughout a varied range of industries and markets. Seeming simplicity in regard to design, maintenance, and durability, this proves very attractive when considering which best way to resolve any heat transfer requirements.


Although heat exchangers are in many different sizes and structure types, all the heat exchangers use a thermally conducting element usually in the form of a tube or plate to separate two fluids, such that one can transfer thermal energy to the other. Shell and tube heat exchangers are tight and safe, no matter about how high the pressure is or how aggressive the products are.


Our main products include fixed-tube sheet heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger, internal floating head exchanger, pull-through floating-head exchanger, outside packed floating head exchanger, kettle type reboiler, and bayonet type exchanger, etc.


Custom tube bundles & coils


We can build the tube bundles and coils as per customer’s drawing and specification. Each tube bundle that we offer is manufactured using high quality metals and alloys, procured from trusted vendors of the market. Fabricated employing technically advanced machines and amenities, these products possess fine finish.


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