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Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China - On January 7, 2019, Zhejiang NAMAG Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Just got the information that the largest mine water and coal chemical wastewater treatment zero discharge project in Ningdong mining area of Shenhua Ning Coal Mine Group have started to do the pre-operation test, and this project was done by our Customers and the technical provider Whiting Canada. The project adopts the world's most advanced evaporation & crystallization, drying technology of Swenson Technology, USA. It can achieve zero discharge target of industrial wastewater with low operation cost, good wastewater treatment effect and strong process stability. In this project, Namag designed and manufactured many evaporators, crystallizers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and so on.


The project of mine water and coal chemical wastewater treatment and utilization in Ningdong mining area is the zero-discharge project of industrial wastewater with the largest scale, the most investment, the most complex process route, the highest salt resource utilization and the most advanced technology in China. The project covers an area of 201,000 square meters, with a total investment of 1.69 billion yuan, a treatment scale of 3000 cubic meters per hour, a waste water discharge of 24 million tons per year, a recycled product of 23.76 million tons per year, a by-product of 37.1 million tons per year, and anhydrous sodium sulfate of 39.3 million tons per year.


For this project, the technology provider is our parent company - Whiting Equipment Canada Inc., who is a licensee of the internationally recognized and accepted line of Swenson Technology, Inc. evaporation and crystallization equipment and systems for the chemical processing industry, and its sister company Swenson has been pioneering process equipment since 1889.


Swenson Technology is a global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for the fields of evaporation, crystallization, drying, filtration and complete plant design. They specialize in designing and installing innovative systems to convert liquid solutions into dry solids using evaporation, crystallization and drying, which were used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and waste reduction industries, etc.


Installations are designed and fabricated to provide optimum results under customer-specified operating conditions. Each project is unique and requires its own unique process design solution. Our engineers combine their years of expertise with decades of proprietary design and operating data and state of the art software modeling to develop innovative, dependable solutions for our clients.


Related services from Whiting Canada located in Welland facility cover all aspects of the Customer's requirement including design, engineering, fabrication and "start-up" assistance to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the equipment provided. Namag have solid experience in equipment manufacturing, which guarantee our qualified technical staff to develop and execute the projects, including engineering design and equipment manufacturing.


Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. has recently designed and supplied multiple island turnkey plants for salt, potash and sodium chlorate. Typical scope of supply ranges from engineering and feasibility studies to a fully integrated process including structural steel, vessels, piping, instrumentation and electrical components.


As a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by Whiting Equipment Canada, Inc. in China, Namag provides world-class quality pressure vessels, prefabricated piping, reactors, heat exchangers, tower vessel & columns, turbine auxiliary equipment (inlet & exhaust system), steel structures and process modules/skids from China to help customers meet construction schedule and cost control. We are committed to providing superior products and technical services to our global customers.

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NAMAG is a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise [WFOE] and solely owned subsidiary of Whiting Equipment Canada, Inc.; affiliated with Whiting Corporation and sister company Swenson Technology, Inc., who for over 130 years enjoy an excellent world-wide reputation.


NAMAG helps Customers to meet construction schedules and control costs through the supply of world-class quality pressure vessels, prefabricated piping, heat exchangers, columns, turbine auxiliary equipment, structures and process modules from China. We are committed to global customers to provide excellent products and technical services.


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Created on:2019-01-07 20:11

Congrats to the China’s Largest zero-discharge project operation to start the pre-operation test

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